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Soft Bobbles Baby Blanket Details

I have made some photos with detailed help on the most asked questions about my Soft Bobbles Baby Blanket pattern.

Row 2 is started in the very sc you just made at the end of row one. You put all 4 double crochets into it.

Continuing the second row, you are placing your next cluster in the ch 2 of the cluster in the previous row

Your edges will seem scalloped at first...

But as you complete more rows, ending your sc in the turning chain, it will make the edges straight.


  1. I want to make this in a smaller size. What is the stitch count a multiple of?

  2. I read in the comments of the instructions the multiple is 4 plus 2.

    1. Cassie,
      Thanks. I have been hunting for the question I posted and found it tonight. I will start one tomorrow!

  3. Im very confused. The first blog you state that row 1 should be a row of sc all the way down the chain. Row 2 chain 1, etc.. then row 3. in this blog you neglect doing the row of sc stitches. how does that affect the pattern to match up? My question would be row 3 (or row 2 from above)...are you saying that you do you cluster stitching in only the stitch that contains the sc&2chains? then you skip over all the other stitches to the next sc/2chains in the next cluster? when i do that, it makes my previous row pucker out leaving holes.... HELP!

    1. To answer your question,, yes. The cluster goes into the ch 2 part of the cluster from the previous row, like filling in the gaps. This page was not meant as a full pattern, it was just to show how the clusters fit into each other as you complete each row.

    2. I saw this posted in just pattern form and noticed after I was 8 rows up the link here. I think I looked at this one time and have had no problem using the typed pattern thank you for sharing!

  4. I'M STUCK! I can't figure out the edges. I don't know what sgl crochet to use when doing the turning rows.

    1. Christine,

      There's a link within the pattern to a page with photos and step-by-step instructions. Hope this helps!


    2. I kept looking at the replies and finally gave up and just did it my own way. Love the pattern itself, but couldn't figure out the turns even from the pictures. Are you doing the cluster then the turn, or just the SC?
      I will probably use this pattern again so thank you, just wanted to know for reference.

    3. It actually says it right at the start of this page.
      "Row 2 is started in the very sc you just made at the end of row one."
      Row 1 ends with a sc... Row 2 begins with a cluster= "You put all 4 double crochets into it."

  5. After desired length, how do you finish it off so it looks like the beginning?

    1. Terry,

      Please see original pattern. There is no finishing for this blanket that I provided but in the comments, there should be some suggestions from other crocheters.

  6. I am making this for a girl I work with. In light blue, very light yellow and light green. She is having boy and it is beautiful I have had no problems with it at all. Thanks for sharing your pattern. I love it and it is very easy.

  7. Upon finishing the last row, the top edge is scalloped. The other 3 edges are relatively straight. How do you fix that? I've not seen any responses that address that problem.

    1. No one has posted a fix- most are leaving it as my instructions indicate. Could toy with the end and try doing hdc and dc in places to make it even across.

    2. I have just done the blanket for my first grandchild and love it. I carried on the scalloped edge all the way around the other three edges but only doing 3 double chain instead of 4 just to give it a tighter edge finish. I am really pleased with the end result. Thanks for the pattern.

  8. I make this blanket all of the time. It is great pattern for all ages.

  9. How do you change colors? My edges look even when I keep the same color. The row ends are higher/lower than the previous row as the directions show to start the next row in the chain 2 space. So every other end is uneven. When I change colors it looks terrible. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Jaz1cat!
      When you finish your last stitch, add the new color before you pull through the last two loops of the stitch- THEN do your chaining to move to the next row. In the first photo on this page, you can see that end cluster is the first cluster of the next row. So you'll want to make sure you're starting your new color with that cluster.

    2. It's not working for me. When I chain for the next row, it's in the previous row. Your picture above shows the same thing. After you chain your directions say to double crochet in the single you just chained from...that finishes the current row. What am I not understanding. I sent you pictures in email, did you get them?

    3. It doesn't show that at all.

      "Row 2 is started in the very sc you just made at the end of row one. You put all 4 double crochets into it."

      When you make that last sc... pull in the yarn of the new color, then chain 3. The picture right under the above quoted statement even shows that when you make the 4 dc into that sc to create the cluster, then move to the next ch space, it is in fact the first cluster of the second row.

  10. Thank you for the pattern. I usually have a problem at the end of a row. Skip a stitch or add too many, rip it out, then try again. For years! Haha
    Thank you for the pictures also. It has really help me.

  11. This is probably the most forgiving pattern ever. It's easy to "cheat" with little disruption to the overall design. Looks more difficult than it is and produces a nice texture. Thanks!

  12. love love love your blanket, if I may suggest--Mikey from the crochet crowd has a video on you tube that shows this and how to finish off with a straight edge
    Thanks for showing your work, Lovely


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