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How You Can Support Missed Stitches Crochet Blog

There are many easy ways to support the blog. First, please understand that the site is primarily handled by just me. I'm the webmaster, pattern designer, writer, and marketing for the blog. I'm not sponsored by any companies. I do show ads on my site and I have affiliate links as well. 

One popular way to support a Craft Artisan is to "Buy" them a cup of coffee!
Click the image above to be taken to my Online Shop where you can "buy me a cup of coffee"!

You can also support the blog by purchasing the PDF version of the patterns. Those are being added to the new Missed Stitches Online Shop!

Want a FREE way to support the blog? There's several! First, if you use Ad Block Plus on your browser (I know some ads can be SO annoying! I use Ad Block myself!) you can whitelist us so that it will not block our ads. I promise to NEVER put annoying video ads or interrupting popup ads (including the kind that ask you to subscribe!) on the blog. I set my ads to be content related. So they'll either show you crochet-related ads or they'll show you ads related to you're own search habits.

Next, if you have a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest account, then follow Missed Stitches there! For Facebook, all you have to do is like/share/comment on the posts. This will ensure you will always see future Facebook posts from Missed Stitches. If you're on Instagram, give us a LOVE on all the posts you LOVE and follow us! And finally, Pinterest. Pin! Pin! Pin! Share our pins and even comment on them! So easy and it doesn't cost you a DIME!


  1. This is really useful information! I use adblock also and I whitelist my fav sites. I also try to make sure to at least like or love the posts from my fav sites on facebook.

  2. I have a question. I want to do a tutorial for your Durable Dish Cloth pattern as part of my university's Earthweek celebration. I am doing DIY videos each day of the week. If I do the video, I would give you credit and post a link to your blog in the description. Would that be okay for me to do, or would I have to buy the pattern? I love this pattern and use my dishrags all the time and would love to share this with the rest of my university's community!

    1. The pattern for Durable Dishcloths is free on the website. The purchase is just for when people want a PDF copy to save on their computers. You can absolutely use my pattern in your DIY videos, with credit to me and a link. That would be awesome! Send me a link/copy of the video to missedstitchescrochet at gmail dot com