Friday, May 3, 2013

A Lap-ghan Re-Make In Earth Tones

The Lap-ghan I made last year in red, pink and cream is getting a make-over. I had originally used Caron Simply Soft, which I am now trying to move away from. I feel you really get what you pay for. Knotting, un-wound threading, thin and just not pleasing. It made the lap-ghan seem too stretched and weighted wrong.

Bernat Satin, which is my favorite yarn, has a sturdier feel to it. I've encountered no knots that I can recall, nor any unwounding of the threads. The material seems thicker and it makes a more uniform blanket.

So I am redoing a pattern that I love the stitches in, with Earth tones.

Bernat Satin Yarn Skeins

Of course, yes this does mean the Spring project I was working on becomes a UFO (UnFinished Object). I vow to finish it eventually!

Here is my progress so far:


  1. Is there a pattern you can share...I can't find it otherwise. Thank you!

    1. It's from one of my favorite patterns by Bernat. You can find it on here: