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Next Project

Now I'm making another blanket for a very dear friend. Here are the colors I'm using, in Bernat Satin yarn:

It's going to be a Granny Ripple pattern! More photos to come!

Spring Fever In January!

So, I'm not a winter person. I like snow for Christmas, but once the New Year starts, I want it to be Spring already! So, I got a little ahead of it and picked up some Bernat Satin (my FAV yarn) in beautiful Spring pastels. I made some Granny Squares and then pieced them together.

I love to make Granny Squares but I just really don't like to put them together, it's so tedious.

And that's where I stopped. lol

Another Blanket Finished!

I haven't written in quite some time, and I even tried to start a new blog with another blogging service but the customization and service uptime were meh. So, I'm back! And with a finished project, no less!

I am notorious for not finishing what I start. Mostly because something else gets my attention and I don't come back. However, this time, I had the motivation to finish! I made a blanket for my Dear Boyfriend, using the pattern on

Here is my rendition: