Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Projects

I'm wishy-washy...somewhat. I go back and forth between my crochet and my PC Gaming. They both are my hobbies.

I've collected some yarn since my last post. Trying to keep it organized and accessible is a chore in itself.
Above is a photo of my collection. You can see some afghans started. The red/pink/white one is one that I'm almost finished with.

This afghan is actually a color variation of this one:
Satin Spring Lacy Ripples on I love that it's ripple, but not traditional ripple.

Typically, I use Caron Simply Soft yarn for my projects. I love how soft it is, and it's easy to work with- being I'm a novice crocheter. Recently, I took advantage of a sale at Joanns and decided to try Bernat Silk yarn. I have fallen in love! It's just as soft and easy to use as Caron Simply Soft, but there are more colors and tones to choose from with Bernat. The skeins are smaller, but I'm sure it's worth it. Here is a photo of a new granny square quilt I'm making with the Bernat yarn I picked up:

The green, amber, and cream are all Bernat. I had the skeins laying beside a blue skein of Caron Simply Soft, and it caught my eye at how well the colors went together. So I threw the blue into the makeup of the granny squares.

That's it for now. Happy Hooking!

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