Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Adventures in Yarn

I just took up crocheting on August 21st of this year. I had tried my hand at crochet several, several years ago, but I could not get past making friendship bracelets with chains.

Recently, my boyfriend's mother gave me a CD, "Learn to Crochet" with videos and tutorials. She handed me a hook and skein of yarn and I went to it. By the next day, I was making chains and single crochet. By day two, I was getting much better at single crochet, but my loops were too tight. Making the piece look unattractive.

By day three, I was doing double crochet without a problem. So I tested making a dishcloth from a pattern I found on the internet. I did great, until the last 4 rows where I missed the ends. From what I've heard, it's the most common mistake of beginners.

It's now day four and I've made 3 washcloths total. One I unraveled to do into a different pattern of washcloth.

My boyfriend's mother gave me books to look through. There's so many projects, so many possibilities! I just want to run out and buy hundreds of skeins to make all of them!

Once I'm able, I will post photos of my 'trial and errors' as well as anything I've dubbed final and didn't unravel!

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