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Welcome! I began this blog to share what I make when I first learned how to crochet. Since 2011, this site has blossomed into something more!

From humble little beginnings, where I originally hated joining granny squares.

On to trying to perfect them and make something beautiful!

Ripples became my favorite for some time. I just loved how the stitches went to make "hills" and "valleys"!

Even my "furbabies" loved my creations!

Learning new stitch variations....

To making stuff other crocheters designed! 

I love making blankets but I also love those quick little projects too!

(I even do a little sewing!)

I hope you like everything I've made and I really hope you try to make some of them too! Thanks again for visiting my blog and Happy Hooking!!!

Recent posts

For Our Good-Cause Crocheters!

Yarn Canada, in partnership with Bernat and Patons Yarn are giving away $2000 worth of yarn to 12 different charitable groups/individuals. They have asked me if I would share this event information with all of you as I know many of you are Charity Crocheters.

This is their 3rd Annual event of this yarn giveaway! To apply, just click the image below and follow the instructions.

Effortless Baby Blanket: Reboot

Happy Sunday everyone! Over the last several weeks, I've been working on this blanket as a "reboot" to my Effortless Baby Blanket (aka Soft Bobbles Baby Blanket). I found this yarn at my local Walmart and decided to give it a shot because I thought it looked very appealing.

As you can see, I did the stripe layout very different for this one and it's because of how the grey yarn has a gradient. I wanted to work with that fluctuation as best I could.

I also added shells into the last row of the blanket to make it even since it does create a sort of jagged look with the clusters. I then added this awesome border, alternating the gradient yarn and white. I got this idea from Repeat Crafter Me, using her YouTube video.
I think this border is stunning, but a bit tedious. You'll see why when you watch the video.

For this blanket, I used the same pattern as written for my Effortless Baby Blanket. But instead of stopping for "baby" size, I kept going to make it…

Trinity Puff Dishcloth

Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

This dishcloth is fun and oh so easy to make! It's a simple single crochet together in triples. It also features a double crochet border which I think really adds to the overall look!

I don't normally do this, as many of you already know, but this is a paid pattern. I've included it in the Crochet Kitchen Accessories Collection PDF, but it is also available as a stand alone pattern.

There was also a mini-event on our Facebook Page in which anyone who liked and shared our post on the new Collection would get the PDF absolutely free. I'm so sorry if you missed that event, but you can stay in the loop for future ones by liking our Page (right hand column of this page) and be sure to like and comment on any posts to insure you will always see future posts on Facebook.

While making the Dishcloth in different yarns, I played "Yarn Chicken" with what I had left of Lily Sugar n Cream and lost! I don't know the color but it's very sim…

Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Crochet Dishcloths are a time-tested favorite for gifting at Christmas. Mostly because they're very quick and easy to whip up and make for the perfect practical gift to just about anyone.
I love making them AND using them! I recently got my Mom hooked on them too. Since it's Summer, I'm more into making smaller projects; non-blankets, so I've added a new pattern to my set.

You've probably seen this one around the internet before. It's a simple single crochet and chain one pattern. I love making it because it's fast! I am not a big fan of making things comprised of lots of single crochet stitches, but this one makes an exception.

I normally use Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, but I had some Lily Sugar'n Cream leftover so I used it instead. For the ones pictured, I used Mint and Poppy(ombre).


1 ball each of **Mint and Poppy(Ombre) Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton yarn
5mm/H8 Crochet Hook
Sharp Scissors
Yarn Needle


Ch 32
Row 1: sc in 2nd …

Lavender Bliss Crochet Pattern

It's finally here! It's finally done! The Lavendar Bliss Crochet Blanket plus pattern! I'm sorry I made my newsletter subscribers, Facebook groupies and followers wait longer than the promised day! 
The "special" stitch for this blanket takes up two rows, sort of. As my favorites always are, it looks complicated but it's actually SUPER easy! It's also a favorite of mine to be able to mindlessly crochet a blanket while binge-watching a favorite show! 

I chose 3 different brands of yarn for this project. I'm not paid by any of those companies to say which, but you can see I chose a purple, light purple and cream/ off-white color. If you follow my blog regularly, then you'll see I tend to use a combination of Red Heart, Caron, Bernat and more.

1- 7oz skein each of 3 colors H8/5mm crochet hook Sharp scissors Darning needle
From shell to end of 3 dc line, the gauge is 2". The multiples of this blanket is 8 plus 5 for the base chain. So make it as…

WIP Wednesday: Lavendar Bliss Crochet Blanket

Do you know what day it is?  It's HUMP day! And also Work In Progress Wednesday, of course! If you've been following along on the Facebook Page and in the newsletter, then you know the current Theme is "Light and Lacy" crochet. With warmer months upon us, it's time to make lighter stuff!

So here's what's on MY hook: 

This isn't the exact way that I'm making it. This was just a test strip to see how the stitches would look with each color that I chose. Many Facebook followers loved the colors and are excited for the pattern, which will be revealed in the Foto-Finish Friday post!
A foggy peek!
I'll post better photos with the Foto-Finish and the pattern on Friday, I promise!
Happy Hooking!

Stash Busting Week - Granny Square & Ripple Crochet

How many balls of various colors do YOU have in YOUR stash? I did some cleaning and organizing this past weekend and found that I'm running out of storage space! I have so many matching and mismatching balls of yarn that just aren't enough on their own for a specific project, so I'm gonna make some Stash-Busting Projects!
I started with a ripple blanket. I used the pattern from my site for the Reversible Ridged Baby Blanket. As I went along, I just used up all that was in the ball even if it didn't complete the row. Then continued the row with another color.

Some colors look really good together on the blanket and inspire me to create something from that palette... some time!

Then there are Crochet Granny Squares! I decided that since this is a stash-busting project, I was going to keep it simple. So I'm making basic granny squares. Not that I'm bragging (much) but I'm pretty good with my tension so I don't block my squares. Would you like the pattern …