Sunday, October 14, 2018

Site On Hold

As I'm sure you've all seen, my blog hasn't had an update in over a year. Many activities in my life have prevented me from posting. I've also made a turn towards sewing as of late.

I used to be a quilter and designed several quilt patterns. The vast amount of fabric I accumulated during that time has been stowed away safely.... until recently!

I dug it all back out and dove into it looking for something to make! While I don't have interest in quilting any longer, I do still love to sew! I began a new webpage where I'm selling several useful items such as Grocery Bag Holders, Coasters, Eyeglass Cases and soon to come- Dog Collar Bandannas!

If you could be so kind as to stop by my new site and check it out! I'd love it even more if you share my site on your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter! I'm currently working on a Facebook Page as well!

Thread Bits on Facebook

Thread Bits Gifts

 Christmas Tree Print

                     Red & Green Apple

Brown Fall Leaves

                  Horses & Horse Shoes

Just in time for Christmas, all of these items make fantastic stocking-stuffers for less than $10!!

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