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Block Party Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

An interesting layout of basic double crochet stitches make a fun design for this crochet baby blanket. Deep maroon, med and light pink come together for a fascinating cascade of color.

The foundation chain is a multiple of 6 with an added 5 on the end. My pattern uses a base chain of 125.

Next, you'll put 1 dc into the 4th ch from the hook to get started, and another dc in the next ch.
Now ch 3. Then skip the next 3 ch and put 1 dc into each of the following 3 ch. Repeat from the ch 3 to the end of the row.

For row 2, we're gonna keep with this color turn and ch 3. We're gonna skip the 3 dc in the previous row, then working over the ch 3 space, we're gonna put a dc into each of the 3 skipped ch in the foundation ch.  Note: For this starting point, you'll be using one loop from the starting ch. Then ch 3 and again skip the next 3 dc and working over the previous ch 3 space, put 1 dc into each of the skipped ch below.
Your piece should look something like this: Not…