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Reversible Ridged Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

This pattern is a small spin on an original and it's a bit different than the ripple crochet technique that I (and perhaps you) am used to. It uses the typical increase and decrease stitches for the hills and valleys, but there are no stitches between them.
The only stitches are the increase and decrease ones and it creates a beautiful ripple. I found a similar pattern with ridges every so many rows but only on one side. I felt it made the reverse side of the blanket less appealing. I wanted this beautiful look on both sides, so I made my pattern reversible! I took photos as I went along with the special stitches to help those who may struggle with the pattern instructions.

Please note! This pattern is more for the intermediate/advanced crocheter. As stated previously, I do work a PT job so I may not have time to answer every inquiry for those who struggle.

Special Stitches: dc2tog - Double crochet 2 stitches together. It means just what it says.

You'll create one stitch …