The Ideal Dish Cloth: Free Crochet Pattern

crochet durable dish cloths with pattern
Welcome to another pattern from Missed Stitches! This one is a simple, easy dish cloth that you can make several of as gifts for Christmas, House-warming, even birthday! Use up your scrap balls of yarn for this project!

This crochet dish cloth works up quickly so you can get quite a few done in a day! I prefer to use a scratchy acrylic yarn such as Bernat Super Saver. It's soft, but scratchy for cleaning and absorbent too. This pattern works fine with cotton yarn and the spacing of stitches allows for thorough air-drying.

Durable Dish Cloth
Crochet Dish Cloth Pattern
H8/5mm Hook

ch 26
Row 1: sc in second stitch from hook and across

Row 2: sc in 1st sc, (ch 1, sk 1 ch, sc) to the end. Ch 1, turn.

Row 3: sc in 1st st (dc in empty ch of row below, sc in next sc) across to end. Ch 1, turn

Row 4: sc in 1st st (ch 1, sk dc, sc in sc) to the end. Ch 1, turn

Row 5: sc in 1st sc (dc in empty space of row below, sc in next sc) across to end. Ch 1, turn

Repeat rows 4 and 5 to the desired size. Mine finished out at 7 3/4" square!

I make mine using acrylic yarn because I like the scritchy texture!

Crochet Durable Dish Cloths Pattern


  1. Row2: ch1, sk 1 ch, sc....(???)

    1. I didn't use brackets, as is the norm for crochet patterns. My apologies. It's a repeat of those stitches to the end of the row.

  2. Looking forward to trying it!

  3. Hi Shelly, just joined your blog.. Love the pattern for the dishcloth, been looking for some new patterns. So pleased I found yours.. :)

  4. I made this dishcloth and wanted to add it to my Rav projects. I added your pattern so I could add my project. Please look it over and make any changes necessary. BTW - I love this cloth!!

  5. I always get excited to find another Shelly, although we spell it differently

    Thank you so much for this pattern!! It is perfect! A friend gave me several huge skeins of Sugar and Cream yarn and I wanted to make dish cloths to donate to the Christmas boxes we give from church to families in need. I have got my first one about half done and love the way it is coming along.

    Thank you again for your generosity.

    be blessed~Shelley (with an 'e')

  6. I am a beginner in reading patterns, I'm gonna give this one a try. Thanks

  7. Does the acrylic yarn really do well for dish cloths?

    1. I really think that depends on the brand, honestly. For example, a brand with a rough texture such as Red Heart basic or Bernat Super Saver would likely do nicely to give it that scrubby texture. I have found that some cottons, such as the well-known Lily N Cream don't seem to absorb well; at least not in my experience. I prefer to use the Bernat Super Saver. Absorbs and scrubs well.

  8. are you a 'loose crocheter" or a 'tight crocheter" the reason I ask is because I find that I need a larger hook size for things like this because I am a "tight crocheter'.

    ALSO I know where you can find a super super soft cotton to make your spa cloths!
    It's called "I love this cotton" and it's sold at Hobby Lobby. It's my 'go to' cotton for spa cloths and also for baby bath cloths... try it I know you'll love it!

    1. I just discovered the "I love this cotton" from Hobby Lobby myself and I love, love, love it too!! Its very soft, and absorbent so I've been making everything with it... you just can't beat cotton for lots of items!!

  9. going to have to give it a try for some Christmas presents

  10. Wow! I love this pattern. It was easy AND fast! Thank you for sharing.

  11. love crocheting and this pattern is the easist to crochet thanks

  12. Love the pattern and thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I made this out of cotton yarn. Pattern is a breeze. Thank you.

  14. Replies
    1. Sue Lee,

      SK is a very common crochet term that means skip. When you see it, you should see another abbreviation that follows which indicates the stitch you are to skip.


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